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Director TRE3DOM
Experienced builder/carpenter, Landscape designer 
Meditation &Breathwork Teacher, Transformational Bodyworker
Experienced Classic Yacht Skipper

TRE3DOM - I have always had a great love for trees and get immense satisfaction from working with wood. Combining this with my passion for creating beautiful spaces, led seamlessly to the idea of treehouses.

When I completed the build of ‘Kaya House’, an oak-framed hempcrete sustainable house, what could be more natural than to take all I have learned, and applying it to trees?

"David Montgomery, with his deep understanding of personal relationships is a master at holding and focusing group energy. His unassuming manner belies his talent for honing in on key issues and pinpointing the essential with his highly perceptive mind."

Gary Kurtz - Film Producer 'Star Wars'

Treehouse Ext 1.jpg
Treehouse Ext4.jpg

Transformational Bodywork and Breathwork- David offers Listening Touch that he has developed from Cranio Sacral and Body Harmony. He has refined this over 30 years of daily practice in Meditation, Conscious Connected Breathwork and Dru Yoga.

Listening Touch unlocks blocks and tensions in your body. By giving full attention with my hands and my whole self a magic happens and the blocks start to melt and move.

This creates balance and a great sense of ease and freedom.

Transformational Breathwork or Rebirthing is a powerful healing method which offers you experience of freedom and mastery in your life. It uses a simple breathing technique with a new understanding of the power of thought. Relaxing and releasing the breath dissolves tensions in the body and mind.

Released through your breath from the hold of past traumas you are freed to pursue your life with greater choice, ease and liberty.

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